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Date:2021-3-10 13:28:59 Publisher:Sumino Precision
Sumino three-in-one co-extrusion laminating line successfully tested

Sumino three-in-one co-extrusion laminating line successfully tested

Project Description

Three-in-one laminating machine, machine width 2200mm, laminating substrate width 1800mm, speed higher than 100m/min, fully automatic online control.

The machine is customized for Turkey, the base material is non-woven fabric, and the layer of film is composed of PE and TPR.

Machine details display

1. The host is a co-extrusion structure, ABA, equipped with two horizontal screen changers and an ABA structure distributor.

2. The composite roller has a cooling steel bar with a diameter of 1080mm. A steel bar with such a large diameter is rarely seen in China, with high cost and excellent cooling effect.

3. The rolling mill, equipped with two mold temperature controllers, is the configuration of high-end machines. After the composite material is heated by the mold temperature machine, the embossing effect is more obvious and the product quality is improved.

4. Comparison of samples and final products

Sumino Extrusion Laminating Machine Application Scenarios

Sumino laminating machine includes multiple types of laminating machines in different fields, which can realize single and double-sided laminating and double-layer and three-layer materials of non-woven fabrics, paper, film, film, dipping cloth, synthetic materials and other materials. The film compound. It is widely used in the production of products in the fields of food, packaging, advertising, household products, nursing, health care, and building materials.

Project Influence

Based on the good actual results, Sumino Seiko has achieved customer satisfaction, and also received many domestic customers’ requests for testing machines. Sumino Seiko gave customers a test machine and achieved high results and high praise from customers.

1. Kraft paper coating

2. Carpet bottom cloth coating

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