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This PC and ABS sheet extrusion line is suitable for high-temperature thermoforming applications, such as the production of protective outer packaging on luggage cases and electronic equipment casings. The product has excellent heat resistance. Please contact Leader Company immediately.

1. Newly designed in 2008, Leader's 800kg/hr high-filler content variable corrugated PP board production line.
2. Equipped with a fully automatic feeding system, which can measure 10 kinds of recycled materials, raw materials and additives at the same time, and can automatically adjust the feeding amount according to production requirements, thereby reducing raw material waste.
3. High productivity twin screw extruder, automatic filtration system, gear measuring machine and 45° calender.
4. Triangular feeding furnace: heat-resistant to 450°C, multi-point temperature control can ensure uniform molding temperature.
5. Adjustable calender roll, optimal corrugation size control.
6. Specially designed cooling equipment.
7. Compatible with fully automatic cutting table/conveyor, used to stack products neatly.

Project description
Material Polypropylene
Extruder Twin screw extruder can provide φ58/58mm~φ92/92mm according to customer requirements.
Single screw optional φ90mm~φ180mm
Productivity 200kg/hour~800kg/hour
Extruder HP 190~375kW high efficiency AC three-phase inverter motor
Linear speed (maximum) 12m / min
Die width 1000~2100mm
Product thickness 0.6~4.0mm
Forming roller φ300~φ500mmx 3 sets
Traction equipment 1 set
Annealing furnace 2~3 sets
Corrugator depends on mode
Trimming machine 2 sets
2 sets of waste shredder
1 set of cooling equipment
Microcomputer cutting unit 1 set
Automatic hydraulic lift 1 set