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The water-cooled granulator has an independent screw and gear box design, which can increase the speed and extend the running time. The machine takes advantage of high mixing, excellent dispersion, high efficiency and high productivity, while minimizing power consumption and noise. The machine can be used to recycle various types of plastic sheets and pelletize recycled bottles, so it can meet the current market demand.

Project Description
Material PC / PP / PE / PET / ABS / PMMA
Extruder screw φ100mm, φ120mm, φ150mm
Depending on the material, vacuum can be drawn on the cylinder
Extruder HP 75kW~225kW high efficiency three-phase AC motor
Productivity 350kg/hr~750kg/hr
The number and diameter of the die holes are according to the material or customer requirements
Granulator 5HP~20HP
Vibration screening machine two-layer stainless steel screen
Material storage screw or suction machine