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PVC shrink film is famous for its excellent transparency and barrier properties. After double simultaneous stretching, the transparency of the film is particularly high. PET heat shrinkable film is used for general packaging, labels, special packaging (such as DVD), baked goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and synthetic paper labels. Check with the leader company now.

Project description
Materials BOPVC / BOPP / PLA / PET / PE / PA
Extruder main screw φ90mm, φ100mm, φ120mm, φ150mm, φ180mm
Auxiliary screw φ35mm, φ55mm, φ75mm
Productivity (maximum) 600kg/hour
Linear speed (maximum) 200m/min
Automatic die head Product width 2500mm~6000mm
Product thickness 0.03mm~0.06mm
Electronically controlled edging machine 1 set-static pressure adsorption molding
Casting forming roll φ300~φ500mmx 2~3 sets
2 sets of longitudinal stretching devices
Horizontal stretch machine 1 set-26m~40m
2 sets of car thickness gauges
Corona treatment machine 2 sets
Swing 1 set-automatic edging machine
4 sets of traction equipment
Rolling station 2 sets-double spindle center roller