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This corrugated paper sheet extrusion molding machine can produce single-layer, double-layer and multi-layer PC sheets, corrugated paper sheets and films, which are used for interior decoration, lighting, billboards, bus station signs, illuminated signs and industrial thermoforming application.

Project description
Material PP / PC / PMMA / APET
Corrugated paper machine main screws φ90mm, φ100mm, φ120mm, φ150mm
Auxiliary screw φ35mm, φ55mm, φ75mm
Extruder power 15kW~300kW high-efficiency AC three-phase inverter motor
Output 600kg/hour
Linear speed (maximum) 12m / min
Die width 800mm~2400mm
Calender roll product thickness
0.6~15mmφ300~φ500mmx 3 sets
Annealing furnace 1 set
Corrugated cardboard roll 6 sets
Double-sided laminating machine 1 set
1 set of cross-cutting unit-including 3HP dust collection equipment