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Project description

Material: 100% PET post consumer bottles flakes
Available net width: 1.000 - 2000 mm
Configuration: 1 layer A, 3 layers A-B-A (alternative configuration upon request, up to 5 layers)
Sheet thickness: from 0.15 to 2 mm
Output: 1.000 – 1.500 kg/h
Speed of the line: max 60 m/min


1- High-quality PET sheet produced using 100% bottle flakes .

2- SUMINO system features a decontamination / dehumidification process (approx. one hour time) which totally extracts the volatile containants still present in the flakes, thus making the sheet quality better than any dryless co-rotating system.

3- Production of perfect, non-fragile sheet without facing any IV (Intrinsic Viscosity) drops in production and no restrictions on thickness. Test with 1.5 mm-foil thickness.

4- Possibility to reduce the thickness of thermoformed items.

5- No restrictions on quantity of recycled material coming from the thermoforming process. The zero-drop in viscosity grants the possibility to reprocess the thermoforming skeletons of the PET sheet produced on the AMUT-EREMA line, creating an endless process of production starting from the first sheet produced on this equipment.

6- Effective energy saving technology with a very low energy consumption.