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Features include optical guidance and wear resistance. Products are widely used in the production of flat-screen TVs, computers, PDAs and mobile phone screens.

Project description
Material PC/PMMA / MS / PS / PET
Extruder main screw φ90mm, φ100mm, φ120mm, φ150mm, φ180mm
Auxiliary screw φ35mm, φ55mm, φ75mm
Extruder power 5.5kW~500kW high-efficiency AC three-phase inverter motor
Output 800kg/hour
Linear speed (maximum) 8m / min
Die width 1200mm~1500mm
Product thickness 0.5~10mm
Forming roller φ300~φ500mmx 3~5 sets
Automobile thickness gauge 1 set
Protective film coating machine 1 set-single or double
Take off the roller 1 set
2 sets of trimming saws-including dust collection equipment
1 set of cross cutter-including dust collection equipment
Haulage unit 1 set