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Project description

Material: polypropylene
Extruder: Twin screw extruder can provide φ58/58mm~φ92/92mm according to customer requirements.
Single screw optional: φ90mm~φ180mm
Productivity: 200kg/hour~800kg/hour
Extruder: HP 190~375kW high efficiency AC three-phase inverter motor
Linear speed: (maximum) 12m / min
Mould: Die width 1000~2100mm
Product thickness: 0.6~4.0mm
Forming roller: φ300~φ500mmx 3 sets
Traction equipment: 1 set
Annealing furnace: 2~3 sets
Corrugator: depends on mode
Trimming machine: 2 sets
Waste shredder: 2 sets
Cooling equipment: 1 set
Microcomputer cutting unit: 1 set
Automatic hydraulic lifter: 1 set