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The double-sided film extrusion equipment has mechanical precision, high productivity, and high efficiency and economy. The winding station includes surface winding and automatic shaft switching system. The laminator has a wide range of applications and processes, including single extrusion, double extrusion and co-extrusion production lines. The machine can provide a variety of paper or film coatings, high-quality and stable coating, which can be customized according to your needs.

Project description
Uncoiler Automatic film release device
Control touch screen, automatic control system
Feeding volume measurement system
Extruder Ø75, Ø100, Ø120
Material Polyethylene/Polypropylene/Polylactic acid
Linear speed 100-300m/min
Coating thickness 8 to 40μ
Sheet width 800 mm to 4300 mm
Output 100-450kg/hour
Laminated substrate paper/aluminum foil/PET/BOPP
Laminated substrate thickness 12 to 200μ