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How is PE film made? What is its applications?

Among the plastic film products, polyethylene plastic film is a plastic product with the highest output and a wide range of applications. Polyethylene film is mostly formed by extrusion blow molding, and can also be formed by casting method and calendering method.

Polyethylene film casting production process sequence: drying batching mixing vacuum hopper feeding extrusion filter screen die head casting cooling thickness gauge corona treatment swing trimming traction flattening Antistatic rewinding.

There are many varieties of polyethylene film. At present, the most widely used polyethylene films include low density polyethylene film, high density polyethylene film, linear low density polyethylene film and polyethylene film formed by mixing the above three raw materials or two raw materials.polyethylene film and polyethylene film formed by extrusion blow molding after mixing the above three raw materials or two raw materials Wait.

Polyethylene film is mainly used for agricultural mulch film, greenhouse film and packaging application film of various items. The thickness of the polyethylene film used is in the range of 0.008 to 0.150mm, and the polyethylene film with a thickness greater than 0.15mm is also used, but the application amount is relatively small. Properties of Low Density Polyethylene Film, Linear Low Density Polyethylene Film and High Density Polyethylene Film

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