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What is CPP film? How is it made?What is its applications?

Polypropylene film (CPP) extrusion casting molding characteristics and uses At present, polypropylene single-layer cast film is the most productive variety. Compared with polyethylene cast film, it has good moisture resistance, high transparency, heat resistance and oil resistance. Good, high hardness and certain heat sealing strength. It is generally used in the packaging of various foods, clothing, medicines and various daily necessities, and can also be used as composite film and vacuum aluminized film substrate.

cpp film

Polypropylene cast film extrusion production

1) Process sequence. The process sequence is the same as that of polyethylene cast film extrusion production.

2) Selection of raw materials. There are many domestic manufacturers of raw materials for polypropylene cast film extrusion molding. It is required to choose special resin with good melt flowability of resin, and the melt flow rate is required to be in the range of 3~12g/10min, such as Yanshan brand 705, 2635, 1178, 1278 and 31308 produced by Liaoyang Petrochemical Company, produced by Shanghai Petrochemical Company Polypropylene resin such as PPH-IS-075 can be used to produce PP cast film. You can also refer to Table 4-18 to select resin grades.

3) Equipment. SJ90C single-screw extruder was used, and the screw length-diameter ratio L/D was 30:1. The mold is a manifold type (T type) structure, the die lip length is 1500mm, and the die lip gap is 0.8mm. Production of PP cast film width

1200mm, film thickness 0.04mm.

4) Process parameters. Extruder barrel plasticizing raw material process temperature: feeding section 180 ~ 210 ℃, plasticizing section

220~240℃, homogenization section 250~265℃.

Molding mold temperature: 230~240℃ in the middle, 250~260℃ at both ends.

Cooling cylinder temperature: 15~25℃.

cpp film extruder

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