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How is SUMINO Extrusion Coating Laminating Machine?What is its application? is its application?

Sumino Extrusion casting compound machine, also known as laminating machine, extrusion compounding machine, casting machine, extrusion casting machine, casting compound machine, film coating machine, plastic coating machine, coating compound machine (inaccurate, actually refers to the hot melt adhesive blade coater), which is a kind of extrusion molding machine. It has the advantages of high degree of automation, easy operation, high production speed, uniform coating thickness, high adhesion fastness, smooth coiling, environmental protection and no pollution, saving labor and raw material costs, etc. It is an alternative to dry lamination and hot melt adhesive coating. The inevitable trend of compounding.

extrusion laminating machine  


In fact, the small equipment with a width of about one meter that is used to coat the film layer with oily liquid on the surface of photos and canvas is the real "sprinkler" film machine. It is widely used in food industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry It has its presence in the manufacturing industry of other composite soft packaging materials, and is also used in the photo studio industry, which is a small machine used in daily life.



(1) Process principle Extrusion casting molding: plastic particles are plasticized by a screw and extruded from a flat die head into a linear shape, and after stretching, they are attached to the surface of flexible substrates such as paper, film, non-woven fabric, and woven cloth. , Cooling, shaping and pressing into a composite material that has both the barrier properties and heat sealing properties of the plastic film layer, the strength and toughness of the substrate and functional properties.

(2) Structural composition The whole machine is composed of feeding device, extruder main engine, mold, unwinding mechanism, compounding mechanism, winding mechanism, edge position control device, edge trimming device, heating and cooling system, electrical measurement and control system and other parts. According to the needs of different products, the second unwinding mechanism, printing equipment, oven, substrate surface treatment device (corona machine, etc.), line thickness gauge and other components can be added.

extrusion coating machine



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