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Can stone be made into Paper? Sumino stone paper making machine gives you an answer!

Can stone be made into Paper? Sumino stone paper making machine gives you an answer!

Stone paper is made of stone powder as the main material, environmentally friendly resin as the auxiliary material, 100% wood-free, and the production process is not

Water, no waste water, no waste gas, no waste residue, no pollution to the environment, no pollution to people and animals.

Green paper.

Waterproof, oil-proof, folding resistance, photodegradable, suitable for ordinary printing, similar in function to traditional wood pulp

A new type of special paper for paper with a wide range of uses.

stone paper machine

1. Exquisite printing, excellent post-processing performance, suitable for printing industry

2. Tear-resistant and folding-resistant, high mechanical strength, suitable for packaging industry

3. No bleaching, no fluorescence, protect eyesight health, suitable for children's books, picture albums

4. Smooth writing and smooth touch, suitable for notebooks, record sheets, handbooks

5. Naturally degradable, suitable for industries with environmental protection requirements

6. Waterproof, oil-proof, mildew-proof and bacteria-proof, suitable for the food industry

7. It can be self-adhesive, suitable for waterproof self-adhesive, surface self-adhesive

1) Characteristics of stone paper The production process of stone paper is simple; the investment is large, the output is high, and the energy consumption is low; no plant fibers or trees are cut, which can save a lot of wood and protect the natural ecology; no need to add strong acid, strong alkali, bleaching It does not discharge waste water, waste residue and toxic and harmful gases, and belongs to green environmental protection products.

stone paper machine

Stone paper properties include:

First, physical properties: stone paper can have the same whiteness and opacity as traditional paper

Brightness, and has many properties superior to traditional paper, such as waterproof, moisture-proof, moth-proof, chemical resistance Corrosion, high printing clarity, good mechanical properties, good morning leveling, good surface smoothness and degradation and other characteristics.

Second, safety performance: the surface of stone paper is inorganic, and the resin is also non-toxic.

Items touched had no adverse effects. At the same time, stone paper does not absorb water, and mold is difficult to adhere to.

On paper, it has better security. And the disposal of waste paper is also very safe and will not cause soil ground pollution.

Third, other properties: the preservation time of stone paper will not be very long, and it will

It is powdered, so it is not suitable to use this kind of paper for materials such as archives.

(2) Scope of application Stone paper has the characteristics of traditional paper: flexo, gravure, glue can be used to be printed by various printing methods such as plate and silk screen. It can be printed with ordinary ordinary ink or lead Pen, ballpoint pen to write directly. At the same time, through the application of a variety of new technologies, stone paper products have many new characteristics that ordinary paper does not have: such as high strength, anti-fog, anti-oil, anti-insect, resistant to Moisture, corrosion resistance, tear resistance, folding resistance, etc.

Therefore, it has a wider range of uses than ordinary paper. Various packaging bags, feed bags,

Cement bags, garment bags, raincoats, tablecloths, industrial product packaging, special paper products, etc.

Low price, high load-bearing, waterproof, dustproof, moth-proof and other multiple features, with a variety of packaging mixed strengths.

Therefore, the scope of application In theory, stone paper seems to be able to replace most traditional paper,

Such as cultural paper, industrial paper, packaging paper, household paper, information paper and special paper

six categories. This product is used to print beautiful calendars, posters, book covers, illustrations

Art books, picture albums, children's books, all kinds of beautifully decorated packaging, paper handbags, labels

stickers, logos, etc., as well as premium posters, maps, notebooks, product descriptions for fine print

Manuals, textbooks, magazines, etc.

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