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What is the use of the product laminating paper produced by Sumino Seiko laminating machine?
What is the use of the product laminating paper produced by Sumino machinery laminating machine?

We also call the coated paper: PE coated paper, Pe coated paper, single plastic coated paper, double plastic coated paper, waterproof coated paper, moisture-proof coated paper, PE paper, plastic coated paper, coated paper The types of paper are mainly divided into: single-coated paper and double-coated paper, single-coated paper: we also call it single-sided coated paper, because it is single-coated and plastic particles Therefore, we will also call the coated paper as a single plastic coated paper.
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Coated paper: In the case of using various kraft papers as the base paper, the hot-melt PE plastic particles are evenly coated on the surface of the paper on various kraft papers to form coated paper. Compared with ordinary paper, The coated paper has the characteristics of waterproof and oil-proof, while the PE plastic particles are composite materials, which have the characteristics of oil-proof, waterproof and heat-sealing, but when used in different industries, they will have different characteristics. When packaging food, It will automatically take its oil-proof properties. When used for repackaging of coated paper, it will take its waterproof properties. When it is used for automatic packaging machine packaging, it will take its heat-sealing properties. We all know that ordinary paper is made of It is composed of wood fibers and has strong water absorption, so everyone knows that paper absorbs moisture and is also afraid of moisture, and the PE plastic is hot-melted with a laminating machine and evenly coated on the surface of the paper to form a thin layer of film. Melted on the surface of the paper, the paper and the PE film can be firmly combined and not easily detached, and the whole process does not use thermal chemical solvents, which is very environmentally friendly, and in the later secondary processing and packaging, no adhesive is required, and the On this layer of PE film, it is sealed under hot melt.

Double-plastic coated paper: We also call it double-sided coated paper, because it is coated on both sides, all of which are coated with PE plastic particles, and we also call it double-plastic coated paper.

Application in food coated paper:
For example, in food packaging, if the coated paper is used, it can effectively prevent moisture and oil. A series of disposable paper cups, hamburger paper bags, melon seed bags, paper lunch boxes, food paper bags, aviation cleaning bags, etc. that we see in our daily life are all made of PE coated paper.
Industrial use: Like ordinary industrial applications, coated paper is mainly used to prevent moisture and water, and it is used to stick on the surface of building materials to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the board.
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