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Date:2020-7-5 Publisher:Sumino Precision
Common equipment failures and troubleshooting methods in the production process of hollow board production line
Impurities appear in the product, reason: the filter is damaged, take measures: replace the filter;
The product drops at the exit of the mold. Reason: The temperature of the mold is too high. Take measures: reduce the temperature at the corresponding place;
The product has patterns. Reason: the mold temperature is too low, take measures: heat the corresponding place;
Local suction breaks, reasons: a. The mold temperature is too high b. The suction is too large c. The air knife air volume is small, take measures: Cool down the corresponding part of the mold, reduce the suction force, and increase the air volume;
Product unevenness, reasons: a. Uneven mold temperature, b. Uneven mold flow, c. Uneven mold gap, d. Temperature difference between upper and lower oven, take measures: Adjust corresponding mold temperature, adjust baffle flow, adjust Die gap, adjust oven temperature;
The product grid size is inconsistent. Reasons: a. The gas path is blocked. b. The gas volume is too small or too large. Take measures: Clean the gas path and adjust the gas;