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Product application:
• On the pallet packaging of various products such as electronics, hardware, minerals, chemicals, medicine, and machinery.
• Conventionally divided into machine packing film and manual packing film.
technical parameter:
• Conventional width: 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 4000mm.
• Thickness range: 10μm-25μm.
• Maximum speed: 400m/min.

main feature:
• Precision screw, excellent plasticizing quality, high productivity.
• High-speed slitting is stable, and the film surface is flat. The product has high stretching ratio, good viscosity and good puncture resistance.
• Can make pre-stretched stretch film.
• Fully automatic paper core loading, film unloading, handling and winding system.
• Centralized feeding system, centralized control of conveying, weighing, mixing and feeding.
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