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Sumino TPU Film Sheet Plastic Extruder/Hot Melt Adhesive Film Production Machine

What is the advantage of TPU hot melt adhesive film?

1. High wear resistance: It can be seen from the Taber wear index comparison of tpu and other materials.

2. Wide range of hardness: By changing the ratio of each reaction component of TPU, products with different hardness can be obtained, and as the hardness increases, the product still maintains good elasticity.

3. High mechanical strength: tpu products have outstanding bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance.

4. Good processing performance: tpu can be processed by common thermoplastic material processing methods, such as injection, extrusion, calendering and so on. At the same time, TPU and certain polymer materials can be processed together to obtain polymer alloys with complementary properties.

5. Outstanding cold resistance: The glass transition temperature of tpu is relatively low, and it still maintains good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties at minus 35 degrees.

6. Oil resistance, water resistance and mildew resistance.

7. It has many excellent functions, such as good recyclability, and it is a mature environmental protection material. At present, TPU materials have been widely used in medical and health, electronic appliances, industry and sports, etc., and become one of the fastest-growing thermoplastic materials.

TPU FILM Applications

1. Smart wear: such as bracelet tpu strap and tpu phone case

2. Clothing and shoes: such as air cushions and uppers of tpu shoe materials

3. Industrial engineering: such as tpu conveyor belt and adhesives, etc.

4. Automotive field: such as gear lever handles, shaft sleeves and washers for various couplings, connectors for various wiring harnesses, spiral telescopic wires, cable sheaths, toothed belts, and steering rod sheaths and pads Sheets, suspension joint hinges, hydro-pneumatics, suspension diaphragms, shock-absorbing diaphragms, shock absorbers, etc., can also be used in combination with other plastics or rubbers, used in automobile bumpers, airbags, dust covers and other components

5. Sports field: such as sports skates and roller skates

6. Home life: such as coated cloth tpu

7. Electronic appliances: such as tpu encapsulation It is particularly worth mentioning that, due to its excellent mechanical properties, durability, oil resistance and chemical resistance, TPU has broad prospects in the advanced health care products of the medical industry. This is because TPU can be free of plasticizers, it provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to the medical industry, and still retains its high elasticity and high flexibility.

Key Features  of  SUMINO TPU film sheet plastic extruder/hot melt adhesive film production line

Attractive roll production
Technology transfer includes film recipe
Zero waste generated during regular production
Thin film production
Compact footprint