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PVC PE PP plastic sheet making machine/ Sheet Extrusion Machine / Extrusion Line

Product Description

Introduction of PVC PE PP plastic sheet making machine/ Sheet Extrusion Machine / Extrusion Line

1.The whole line of the machine adopts Siemens PLC online control, which is convenient and simple to operate.
2.Single screw extruder and special screw are used to ensure the melting effect of plastic.
3.The hydraulic screen changer provides an excellent seal effect to ensure non-stop work.
4.The melt pump ensures the smooth extrusion of the plastic and the uniformity of the sheet.
5.Use high-precision molds to ensure the uniformity of extruded plastics.
6.Three-roll calendar provides good thermostat
7.The online trimming and recycling device avoids waste of side material, and can be recycled and crushed to the feeding hopper online to realize real-time recycling and production.
8.The oven device ensures that the sheet does not curl.
9.The traction system is equipped with a meter counter to promptly remind the rewinding and changing reels.
10.Double-station automatic rewinding is adopted.

Item Description
Twin screw extruders are available in φ58/58mm~φ92/92mm according to customer preference.
Single screw available in φ90mm~φ180mm
200kg/hr ~ 800kg/hr
Extruder HP 190~375kW High efficiency AC three phase frequency converter motor
Line Speed (max) 12m/min
T-Die Die head width 1000~2100mm

Product thickness 0.2~3.0mm

Forming Rollers φ300~φ500mm x 3 Sets

Haul-off Equipment 1 Set
Annealing Oven 2~3 Sets
Corrugating Machine Depends on pattern
Edge Trimmer 2 Sets
Waste Crusher 2 Sets
Cooling Equipment 1 Set
Micro-computer Cutting Unit 1set

Automatic Hydraulic Lifter 1set


1) Unique multi-layer Feed Block and T-die design allow material to be extruded in the relatively close temperature and meet the requirement of average cross dispensing.
2) According to the viscosity and melt degree of raw material, different compression ratio and the section for mixing design keep the sheet free from overheating and keep the best melting degree
3) 3 layers co-extrusion line is most suitable to the thermoplastic material.
4) Unique design of calender makes the surface of sheet flat and without wavy line.
5) Overall cleanliness and flow design without dead space are most suitable to manufacture transparent sheet products.
6) To meet customer's demand, LEADER designs different length of cooling and winding section equipment.


This machine is used to produce PP PE PLA PS plastic sheet rolls for thermoforming machine and vacuum forming machine, which is used for making disposable plastic water drinking cups, juice cups, tea cups, milk cups, ice cream cups, yogurt cups, jelly cups, bowls, food containers, lids, flowerpot, seeding trays, etc various packages.


Q1: What is the guarantee of the machine?
A1: The guarantee period of our machine is 12 months after the machine is installed well in buyer's factory;
Q2: What package do you use for the machine?
A2: Painted the machine with anti-corrosion oil, and then covered with plastic film, and then packed into wooden case or fixed onto wooden pallet as per clients' requirements, or shall be loaded into container with film packing. After fixed all machines, we will use drying agent to keep container inside dry.
Q3: Do you have instruction manual to guide us if i buy the machine?
A3: Yes, we supply detailed user manual for your reference. PLS read it carefully for guide. If there is still problem which could not be solved, PLS contact us, we are ready to help you anytime.
Q4: What is your service to overseas clients?
A4: We supply perfect overseas service. We shall send engineers to overseas for machine installation and commissioning and test production guide, and also training to the workers of the buyer. And we are ready to give technical support anytime.